“I create intensely individual pieces of art. When I play with stones I see the rich imagery of the natural universe; the magnificence of palaces such as Versailles; design motifs that stretch back to China, India and Persia; astrological symbols and signs of divine orders.”

“Dimitri made me fall in love with aquamarines! All jewels in Dimitri’s hands become precious, flattering and very beautiful.”

– Carolina Herrera

Video produced by Padulo Privé

Video produced by Padulo Privé

“Playing with these emeralds immediately made me think of Versailles and the wooden cache-pots in the Orangerie.”

“This opulent pendent, intended to be worn by itself, is vey much a statement jewel.”

Video produced by Padulo Privé

Video produced by Padulo Privé

“I love the ancient paisley motif, which became so popular in the 1800s for fabrics and again, during the hippie era, with its love of Indian spirituality.”

“One of the five solids of Plato, this complex and technically challenging jewel captures the absolute.”

Video produced by Padulo Privé

Video produced by Padulo Privé

“This sumptuous necklace pays homage to the facinating arts of Mughal India.”

Additional Masterpieces

Cuff Bracelet

Aquamarine, emerald, sapphire,moonstone and diamond bangle bracelet.

Sold at auction Christie’s 2016

Pink necklace

Pink sapphire fringe necklace ending with 20K rose gold pebbles set with multi color sapphires and rubies.

Tourquise Sugarloaf Sapphire Ring

Turquoise with a cabochon sapphire and emerald ring with edges pavé with demantoid garnets.

Vision of Africa

Makassar ebony circle necklace inspired by tribal ornament inset with loose 20K rose gold discs and diamonds. The three elements detachable to be worn as earrings or a pendant.

An explosion of colors! A fabulous Siberian amethyst once in the collection of my great grandmother queen Elena of Italy. To tone it down I added black Tahitian pearls and I mounted the whole thing on a braided leather cord finished by a Savoy knot clasp. Every element is suspended from a gold savoy knot.

“My Masterpiece works are inspired by every cultures and times in history.
They are also inspired by my clients who bring me their stones or old jewels and ask me to remount them to suit their lifestyle today and the evolution of taste.”


Prince Dimitri jewelery is sought out by collectors because of its unique clean design and craftsmanship.