The New Look of Cool

The New Look of Cool is about the wonders of earth and the stones and crystals in its crust. I grew up surrounded by beautiful stones objects. The three ashtrays above are on the mantelpiece of my mother’s home in Paris and inspired pebbles that have ruby in their matrix.”

Lapis Lazuli is one of my favourite stones and has always been man’s most sought after stone. It is a symbol of royalty, wisdom and truth.

Whatever new rock finds I come across become a new series of stones cut to maximize their beauty. My bracelets are not just to be worn but to inspire celebration of the wonders of nature. Those who wear them become collectors of hard stones. These are ocean Jasper.

Gold and Silver are forever the richest pebbles yielded from earth’s face and for me they are the mark of elegance for men and women. My crest is engraved into these jewels.

My pebble bracelets here in a black and white story with rock crystal , tahitian pearl, hematite, and silver.

Here are stones waiting to be made up into orders. Each is from a rock I have personally selected and is available in limited editions.