Back To School Jewelry Reads

Back To School Jewelry Reads

The transition from T-shirts to sweaters, the last humid days of summer to the first chill in the air always remind me of back to school books and supplies. This year feels quite different as each family and parts of the country approach education differently, with school opening extensions and parents deciding whether their kids are going to class or going virtual or a bit of both.

As an adult jewelry enthusiast who loves to hunker down with a good book, I am always up for cozying up on the couch in a cashmere sweater and uncovering more information on my favorite subject. This fall, there are a bunch of jewelry books that will be out in September, October and November that provide a wealth of knowledge on gems, historical jewels, the evolution of a jewelry house and more. Read on to find out what books you might want to keep you company this season.

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