Ebony and Gold Paisley Bracelet

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Paisley, one of the most glamorous shapes ever invented, going back to ancient times and conjuring up images of elusive oriental princesses and elegant ladies of the 19th century.

The Paisley of impressive volume in 20 karat yellow gold is centered on this cuff of Gabon Ebony. The back of the cuff is with a hinged opening for excellent fit on the wrist. No glue was used and all parts are mechanically attached, as in the finest jewelry crafting tradition.

Sold as a pair of mirror image cuff bracelets or individually. Price quote $15,990.00 is for this single Gabon Ebony and 20 karat yellow gold Paisley cuff bracelet.

  • 20 karat yellow gold, Paisleys front of cuff bracelet (3-D) and inside back of cuff bracelet (flat plate)
  • 18 karat white gold, hardened spring plate
  • Gabon Ebony
  • Dimensions of the Gabon Ebony cuff bracelet (ebony only):  Width is 43.0mm & Depth is 8.5mm
  • Total depth of the Gabon Ebony cuff bracelet with the gold paisleys is 14.0mm
  • The open style, gold, Paisley (3-dimensional) on the top front of the cuff bracelet measures: Length of 29.8mm  by Width of 20.0mm and Depth of 4.5mm
  • The open style, gold, Paisley (flat plate) on the inside back of the cuff bracelet measures:  Length of 30.0mm by Width of 20.0mm and Depth of 1.0mm


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