Red Tourmaline Pebble Bracelet


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The Pebble, inspired by crystals and metals found in the depths of the earth and linked throughout history with divine energy.   Each pebble is a symbol of spiritual power, purity, healing, endurance and protection.  The Pebble bracelet created with natural leather cord is an essential accessory for the fashion icon of today.

The Red Tourmaline Pebble is a stone of the perfected heart.  Believed to strengthen the heart to love that goes beyond human relationships and reaches out to the universe.

  • Red Tourmaline; each gemstone is individual in character and quality
  • Featured in the photograph the Red Tourmaline weighs 18.82 carats*
  • Natural, round, 2mm, leather cord
  • The double wrapping leather bracelet is adjustable with two slip knots
  • Paisley tag in Sterling Silver engraved with the Prince Dimitri logo

*Price based on the individual stone’s carat weight and quality