Wooden Elliptical Cuff Links with Spessartite Garnets & Knot of True Love Connectors


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Double sided elliptical cuff links are one of the chicest thing a man can wear. They are also a gift of love symbolized by the Knot of True Love connector, attached on each end to the Four-Leaf Clover for good luck.

The wooden ellipticals give the cuff links a wonderfully, elegant, organic, rugged, chic feel.

  • 18 karat yellow gold
  • Koa is connected to the Cocobolo
  • Black Palm Wood is connected to Amboyna
  • Four (4) elliptical shapes with dimensions: length 16.0mm x width 12.0mm x depth 8.0mm
  • Four (4), round, 3.0mm, faceted, Spessartite Garnets with a total weight of 0.70 carat
  • Spacing for the connector between the back of each elliptical is 17.6mm